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Affordable Laser Vision Correction

LASIK eye Surgery Cost Have you ever considered surgery for your eye? Yes, eye surgery puts a shiver down our spines. Vision is very essential to our daily lives. Surgery of eye is a delicate procedure performed by only an … Continue reading

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Post LASIK interface keratitis or plum was first reported by Rajesh Khanna, MD in the journal of cataract and refractive survey in thee previous century. It is a form of TASS. The term DLK was coined by dr. Maloney and … Continue reading

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large pupil LASIK

All those kids with those beautiful light green or blue eyes; here is good news. Have you been to a lasik doctor in Los angeles, california and been told your pupils were too big. Now some high school teachers in … Continue reading

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Hello world!

How is Custom¬†LASIK ¬†better than Traditional LASIK? The advances of medicine have greatly improved technology in the field of laser eye surgery. Traditional LASIK was once the only option for laser vision correction surgery, and not every patient was considered … Continue reading

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