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 Reviews of Los Angeles LASIK Doctor

            My name is Jason. I came to Dr. Khanna after I was told I couldn’t have Lasik by a different physician. Dr. Khanna and his staff  convinced me that there was actually no problem with me having Lasik. At that time my vision was 20/400. After the procedure I was seeing 20/20. That was in six hours! I have been in glasses 20 years, After a weekend has passed I am seeing 20/15.

            If you are looking for a good Dr. to do your lasik procedure you can stop looking, you found the best!

            Thanks to all the staff as well!

                                                                                       J.R. Malinousky

                                                                                                Palmdale California 9/2008

Los Angeles LASIK Testimonials

During the whole procedure I didn’t feel any pain. I was relaxed at the expertise of the doctor and staff. There extensive knowledge was obvious.
The process of cataract surgery is to remove your own lense and implant a new lens. I was almost blind before the surgery and immediately after my vision was extremely improved.
I was astonished at how little pain was involved, with just a small irritation during surgery. I feel confident that Dr. khanna is one of the best doctors in L.A. Even my wife appreciates what the good doctor has done for me. It has changed our everyday lives tremendously.
Dr. Khanna you are the BEST,
Joe Cala
Los Angeles 
 Even just a day later my vision is so much better. What a wonderful group of people. Dr khanna and his staff are some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
 Thank you so very much,
Nicole Keyser
Valencia, Ca 12/13/2008
Dr. Khanna,
It was readily apparent that you are very experienced not only in the procedure but also the ability to size up your patients and put them at ease. At any case despite my worry and anxiety, I don’t think my experience could have been a better one.
Overall I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering Lasik. I would also like to thasnk the staff for all of their support and professionalism.
Marina A.
Hidden Hills, CA
I was afraid to have the surgery because i thought it was going to be painful. I was scared not knowing what I would go through. But I can now say that i was worried for a procedure that was totally painless and pleasant. I am thankful that I will have great vivion now. I’m glad I met Dr. Khanna, he has given my eyes back.
Maria Aleksa
WLV, CA 12/19/2008
I have amblyopia, or “lazy eye” in my right eye which sometimes works and sometimes shuts down. That eye had extremely poor vision. Occasionally as a test I would close by good eye and try to read out of my lazy eye. I could never distinguish letters or objects at an arms length with that eye until Dr. Khanna corrected my vivion with lasik. Now i can read everythinig but the very fine print.
If you believe in miracles, this is a miracle. I chalk it up to Dr. khanna, he is the miracle!
Ranie Braxton
Canoga Park, Ca
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LASIKplus Doctor
Dr. Khanna and Staff,
I am here for my post-op visit. Of course everyone is talking about how well they like what Dr. Khanna has done for them. Most people hate going the the doctor…which hurts me because I am a Dentist! But everyone wants to “see” Dr. Khanna for lasik. Everything I had heard about him has turned out true. He is great, confident, and very experienced in his field.
The day after surgery I am seeing better and cleaner and I feel more beautiful. It has been a pleasure, not to mention his wonderful staff!
Thanks a Million,
Gurpreet Sidhu D.D.S.
 Review of LASIK Doctor
Dear Dr. Khanna,
I am writing to let you know that I am very Pleased with my Lasik surgery. Since I had the surgery my vision has improved dramatically and my headaches have gone away. And most importantly my golf game has improved!
Edward Vincent
Marina Del Rey