How soon is it safe to have sex after lasik or PIE eye surgery?

You are probably researching  lasik eye surgery or PIE eye surgery or just had it. You may have asked a lot of questions regarding getting back to work and sport. Did you forget to ask regarding sexual activity. How soon can you resume it?

How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery?

Lasik patient Stephanie Beacham
PIE is super! Hey but when can I have my second honeymoon.

This topic is very important. People find it embarrassing to talk about it and gets neglected

“Great vision is an essential part of great sex. After lasik eye surgery nearsighted and farsighted people can see their significant others significantly better. Add to this the loss of inhibitions from the xanax or versed given at the time of lasik eye surgery.”

Type of procedure will determine the answer

If you have Epilasik or superlasik eye surgery there is no cut involved. It is a superficial procedure with no entry inside the eye.  The ultra thin epithelial flaps are covered by no power bandage contact lenses. So one could indulge in sexual activity right away.

Lasik eye surgery may be performed with automated sophisticated microkeratome or femtosecond lasers -all laser lasik. Flaps heal and attach quickly like a natural band aid. Sweating and consequent rubbing can still displace the flap. More than a few young patients have sex the same day. Be careful and wait at least a day or two would be our suggestion.

If you have wondered if sex life improves after lasik eye surgery, read this wonderful story. better-sex-after-lasik-eye-surgery

PIE or presbyopic implants in eye involve a more invasive procedure. Bending , increase pressure is not recommended. So its advisable to wait 3 to 4 days or at least a week before jumping up the heart rate and pressure on eye with sexual activity

Finally, baseline health is also an important consideration.. If you suffer from hypertension, diabetes or atrial fibrillation or the like please consult with your primary care physician.

It is important to have safe lasik eye surgery. It is equally important to have safe sex.


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