Hercules is thrilled with his New Vision

Well known actor and director Kevin Sorbo. His fans love him in the television series Hercules, Andromeda and the recent feature film Soul Surfer. For many years Kevin suffered from the eye disorder pterygium as well as poor vision. He was recently introduced to corneal specialist and Lasik expert Dr. Rajesh Khanna. Dr. Khanna has treated thousands of patients suffering from pterygium and has specialized in vision correction for over twenty years.  Dr. Khanna performed pterygium removal surgery and Kevin had great results.  Kevin is now very happy with his vision and says that Dr. Khanna is “phenomenal, great, and amazing!” Kevin says he should have had the surgery years ago, he wanted to get it done, he needed to get it done, and he is extremely happy with the results.

About Rajesh Khanna MD

A passion to spread vision.
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