Who is the best of all

Well. we are tired. I am sure you are tired. Tired of all those lasik eye surgeons who claim they are the best, they invented LASIK or they were the first to have LASIK. Geeks need recognition and when they can’t get it they want to be graded by their teachers as A +. Wake up dude, high school is over. In the real world there are no teachers nor use of your self proclaimed achievements. The consumer is King. Patients and their reviews and testimonials carry more weight (no we are not talking about your weight or if that was the reason you could not find dates in high school). We need professional people we can trust. Does it matter if MC Donalds has served millions or if Ford invented the car. On an ijmportant date you would take your significant other in a BMW to Capital Grille(Mr A+ LASIk surgeon, please dont take a date to McDonald in your Ford Fusion – listen to the jocks!)
LASIK eye surgery needs a human who you can trust, for its your eyes!

About Rajesh Khanna MD

A passion to spread vision.
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