My Lasik Observations

I had my lasik eye surgery with the top doctor in los angeles.Also here are the observations after couple of weeks of Lasik surgery (which I referred while talking to you today):

1. After couple of weeks you will notice better near vision and still improving. Blurriness will be reduced.

2. You will notice shadow of letters in the newspaper, computer, but this blurriness will improve with time.

3. These shadows appear in contrasting background that is white background and black letters

4. Shadow generally appears in night or in dark areas where light is glowing (Car lights , Traffic lights).

5. When you come closer to these objects the shadow appears to be smaller and disappear

6. Keep continue to take artificial tear eye drops for couple of months.

7. You will notice that eyes are not that dry when you wake in the morning as compare to first week of surgery.

8. You will also start noticing the moist eye after couple of weeks.

9. You can wash eyes with water but do not rub eyes

10. Some times you will notice head ache / even eye pain if you continuously work on computer. But it will go away in 3 to 4 weeks

11. Physical activities and exercise can be resumed after two weeks.

12. Continue to wear sunglasses during the day time while driving

P.S He has offices in Thousand oaks and Beverly hills. I used the thousand oaks lasik office for my convenience.

About Rajesh Khanna MD

A passion to spread vision.
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