Will LASIK help amlyopia?

Do amblyopic  people see similar to people with normal vision?
Amblyopia is when a person does not have full 20/20 vision inspite of correction. When in real world how do they perceive images and is it similar or different than normal counterparts? Mirabella, et al in their study of around 30 people in each group come up with interesting answers. They showed various images to test subjects. Real world perception is impaired in amblyopic people. This is true whether they are viewing with one eye or both eyes.
Mathew et al found that amblyopic patients were more likely to make errors when reading certain letters like b,c,f,s than a,l,z,t.
LASIK is helpful in correcting amblyopia and yielding the best vision possible. LASIK works better than contact lenses or glasses in decreasing amblyopia. Laser vision correction is performed on the cornea. It can eliminate astigmatism or even myopia or hyperopia which are causes of refractive amblyopia.
Thousand oaks LASIK surgeon can help you.

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