PTK for Granular corneal dystrophy

Granular dystrophy is a type of corneal stomal dystrophy. It is one of the most common stromal dystrophies. Inherited as Autosomal Dominant, the gene has been lined to 5 q31. Dr.Khanna sees such patients in Beverly Hills. Some patients in fact come from far away in california to seek his expertise, as he is a renowned Los Angeles laser eye surgeon. Dr. Khanna says the cause for this dystrophy is deposition of hyaline deposited as rod shaped bodies in an amorphous matrix. Hyaline can be stained with Masson trichrome.
Clinically the opacities are in the superficial stroma, with clear spaces in between. the opacities do not extend to limbus. These features help to distinguish it from macular corneal dystrophy
The treatment for granula corneal dystrophy is PTK or phototherapeutic Keratectomy.
Thousand Oaks LASIK eye surgeon- Rajesh Khanna, MD voted Best LASIK surgeon by readers of Ventura County Star, 3 years in a row is an experienced corneal and lasik surgeon.

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