Corneal Dystrophy

What is Corneal Dystrophy ? A bilateral inherited symmetric condition that has little or no relation to environmental factors or systemic conditions. What that means it is due to our genes. therefore, the tendency for the disease is present from birth, even though it may show up later in life or may not manifest itself.
Can we prevent it?At present genetic medicine is not advanced enough to prevent and treat all genetic diseases. We are able to decipher the human genome already. Also we have been able to identify the loci of most corneal dystrophies. In the future the time will come where we may be able to genetic surgeries employing the Khanna Genetic Talker. Today, using advanced laser technology we are able to treat a number of corneal dystrophies.
If you have any questions related to cornea in general or corneal dystrophies in particular, do not hesitate to contact Thousand Oaks and beverely hills cornea specialist –

Thousand Oaks LASIK eye surgeon– Rajesh Khanna, MD voted Top Doc LA 2011 is an experienced corneal and lasik surgeon.

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