Got astigmatism ?

Do you suffer from astigmatism ?this year m may be the last where imperfect vision is a way of life. The new year will bring new technology from the best in Los Angeles.

Modern wavefront technology coupled with iris registration can level the hills and valleys of the cornea which cause astigmatism.Los Angeles LASIK surgeon dr. Khanna has a lot of experience helping people with astigmatism rectify this corneal abnormality. Astigmatism is usually a genetic disease. It can be aggravated by rubbing the eye, trauma, and sometimes by contact lenses or surgery.
Whatever the cause the good news is that in 2011 it can be treated.the treatment of astigmatism by laser vision correction is painless and quick.glasses just mask the astigmatism and are not a definite treatment of astigmatism.

About Rajesh Khanna MD

A passion to spread vision.
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