Flight of time


Another Year,

Time flying so fast,

Seems like only yesterday you had decided to look into LASIK vision correction to enhance your vision, and to see better without glasses or contacts!

2006 – Another year gone by.

Now is the time to stop procrastinating

It is time to call the Khanna Institute of LASIK and Refractive Surgery.

At the Khanna Institute, with enhanced Wavefront technologies and the new “No-Cut” SUPER-LASIK procedure, you can be seeing the world, with crisp, clear vision, often better than 20/20 – without glasses or contacts.

Don’t waste another year

The consultation is free, and evening or Saturday hours are available.

Call the Khanna Institute today to schedule your free consultation.

Make 2006 the year that you finally bring your world into focus!

For a free consultation, call 1 888 LASIK 19, that’s 1-888-LASIK-19, 1-888-L-A-S-I-K-19. Call today!

About Rajesh Khanna MD

A passion to spread vision.
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